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Red Kites were re-introduced into the area surrounding Loch Ken in 2001, and adjacent businesses were offered the opportunity to participate in promoting the scheme as a tourist attraction. For more information see the partnership website  Only a few years ago, red kites had been rendered almost extinct in Britain due mainly to a policy of trapping and shooting in the mistaken belief that kites were responsible for losses amongst game birds. Red kites are in fact carrion eaters, and now due to a more enlightened attitude amongst landowners and gamekeepers, the opportunity exists for their restoration. A programme of releasing young birds at secret location was commenced in 2001 and further releases are planned as part of the scheme. Red kites are now regularly seen over Loch Ken, and can also be observed on the western side of the Loch. In recent months, kites have been visiting the area on a daily basis and it is unlikely that guests will fail to see at least one during their stay. Birdwatchers and visitors will enjoy the sight of these majestic birds wheeling and soaring in the Galloway skies. The picture is shown courtesy of RSPB whose website can be found at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel 0141 576 4100. Many other species of birds can be seen during a stay at The Haven, including owls, buzzards and many species of finches, tits and other garden birds.

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